Splash and Home Screens
The surf industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world and is worth around $10 billion but lacks a news app to keep its community up to date. Not being up to date can lead to environmental and physical damage. A surf news app would provide everything coastal surfers need and want to know about surfing.
• Surfers of every skill level
• People who live in coastal areas of the US (29% of the US population)
• Those who want to keep up with events happening in the surf world
• Age 18-35 (average surfer age)
• Provide current news articles for surfers of all levels
• Tailor news to suit specific user interests
The identity of Wave draws its inspiration from surfing. The W reflects the tail of a surfboard and the colors are inspired by the ocean. The rounded corners of the type reflect the rolling waves surfers ride on.
Whimsical was used to create lo-fi designs before moving to hi-fi designs on Figma.
The onboarding pages welcome users to the app and introduce main features. The three onboarding screens feature fun 3-dimensional elements over a continuous wave background. 
Wave incorporates an in-app accessibility feature that allows users to adjust the font size, display colors, and screen brightness to fit their needs. Users can access this feature by clicking on the "AA" icon on any article page or the user settings.
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