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I was challenged to make a culture book for a developing country. This book focuses on the country of Peru. When researching Peru, I found this quote and it served as my initial inspiration: 

“The only country in the whole world where food is the most important thing. You go to Brazil, it’s soccer. If you go to Colombia, it’s music. But in Peru, the most important source of pride is food” -Chef Gastón Acurio

Because Peru has such a rich culinary culture, I felt the topic of food was too broad for this short book. I then decided to focus on one specific food which has a special place in the heart of all Peruvians—the potato. Peru is known as "the Potato Motherland" and grows more than 4,000 different varieties of native potatoes. The goal of this book is to show how important the potato is to Peru in a fun and playful manner. The target audience is potato lovers who love to travel and explore internationally.

The main title along with all of the section titles were handmade to reflect many of the handmade elements found in Peruvian culture and are woven together like textiles. The inside front and back covers list the names of some of the 4,000 different varieties of native potatoes found in Peru.

Peru is known for its rich colors. These colors have made their way into this book through type, images, and large shapes. In fact, this book does not contain any black, instead, dark blue is used in its place. 

Each spread has a solid colored page and a white page; these pages alternate from spread to spread throughout the book to create an engaging experience.

Handmade patterns, cut-out images, and large potato shapes enhance the playful nature of the book

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