Problem Statement:
The wine industry has long been a front-runner in the alcohol category, but the new generation isn't buying enough wine to offset the declining baby boomer generation. Without the support of the next generation, the wine industry as a whole could plummet by 20%.
Making wine more accessible and interesting to Gen Z would benefit the wine industry and help its stats return up and to the right.​​​​​​​

Wine doesn't have to be complicated. You should spend more time drinking your wine than thinking about what kind to get.

aims to provide an easy wine-buying experience to its consumers. The half-size bottles with sweetness scale and food pairings right on the front of the bottles give you everything you need to see without having to even turn the bottle around. Grape is a wine bought because of its label—its helpful label.

Half bottles make it easier to try different types of wine. 

A closer look at our labels and food pairing icons.

Social ads showcase important facts that beginning wine drinkers may not know.

Our Vision

Our simple 4-question quiz can help simplify the—often difficult—decision making process.

Ads utilizing the tagline "More time drinking. Less time thinking."

Our brand book

Locate stores that sell Grape wine.

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