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Bob Ross “Happy Little Painting” Experience -  Desktop and Mobile Site

The Bob Ross “Happy Little Painting” experience allows users to drag and drop pre-made assets from Bob Ross paintings to create their own digital masterpieces. After an optional introductory video, users navigate through separate steps to place sky, mountains, middle ground, water, and finally trees, bushes, and barn assets on their canvas. There are three intermittent “Bob Ross Breaks” that share instructions for users and short video clips of Bob Ross demonstrating a relevant painting technique. The experience follows a pattern of two steps, a Bob Ross Break, and two more steps. In addition, users can opt to activate a Bob Ross figure that shares relevant audio quotes throughout the experience. After creating their paintings, users can type their names to sign their masterpieces. Finally, a transition will reveal and showcase the users’ finished paintings, where they can share their creations to social media with a link back to the experience.
Created by the Ball State Digital Corps

Student Team
Jared Brown, Dan Chepkwony, Anika Gaska, Carlee McKenzie, Tessa McKinney, Lauren Monasa, Addison Paul, and Kip Sprout. 
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